Supporting you to support your people

Workplaces play a key role in taking a stand against domestic and family violence (DFV), as 60% of women experiencing violence are part of the Australian workforce.

The workplace can be a safe haven, a place for purpose, friendship, support and financial independence.

That’s where you come in.

What we do

WorkHaven was formed by corporate leaders who have lived experience of domestic and family violence (DFV). Our combination of professional knowledge and in-depth understanding of this sensitive and challenging topic enables us to provide employers with the all-important tools, insights and information to help facilitate the right conversations in a manner that reflects their specific workplace needs.


Implementing programs that are built on research and drawn from knowledge of psychologists, human resources and communications professionals we will ensure your employees are equipped with the knowledge to identify victims of DFV, initiate appropriate conversations around DFV and adequately support any of their colleagues who may be experiencing DFV.


Our mission is to provide your workplace with the tools to ensure the workplace is a safe haven for victims of DFV, and that each team member is able to adequately provide support to their colleagues who may be experiencing DFV, fostering a workplace that embraces openness and caring.


Our aim is to empower your workplace to facilitate and to allow victims to use their workplace as a platform to make the transition from victim to survivor.

Our commitment to you

We take an innovative approach to addressing domestic and family violence in Australia. Our philosophy is to enable, educate and empower workplaces across Australia through a range of employer and employee services to create a culture of harmony, safety and empowerment.

Our objective is simple. We believe that through our unique approach, we can work towards achieving zero tolerance for DFV in Australia.

Our approach

We provide a methodical, safe and unique approach to tackling DFV. We offer a tailored solution, starting with a thorough consultation with key leaders in your business to determine how your business is positioned in terms of supporting its employees and building awareness of DFV, followed by a review and implementation of policies and procedures.

Our insights

Understanding domestic violence and how you can take a stand

Understanding domestic violence is a key to addressing the problem. Here's a video we created to explain domestic violence and how workplaces can take a stand. If you'd like more information, please email...

Workplace support is crucial – domestic and family violence

Effective and relevant workplace support is vital in the stand against domestic and family violence (DFV). When a person encounters DFV, the response from their employer can have an enormous impact on how they navigate their situation and move forward. The approach of...

Rebuilding friendships after domestic violence

A common element of domestic violence is social isolation - the perpetrator cuts the victim off from the people who know, care about and support them as a form of control and abuse. This means they are more reliant upon their partner and they have no outlet to share...

Rebuilding your finances after domestic violence

I have always been careful with money to ensure I can afford the things I want in life. Before I was in a domestic violence situation, I was doing reasonably well financially. I had a good job, saved hard, owned a decent portion of my home and I had the funds to...

Rebuilding your confidence after domestic violence

The ripples of domestic violence are complex. Victims often experience impacts across all facets of their lives. These can include eroded confidence, family breakdown, social isolation, financial setbacks and career disruption.  As a result of this complexity,...

Is your workplace a safe haven?

The workplace plays a critical role in the recovery of a victim of DFV. Each workplace is different which means that the approach to create this safe haven will vary. Allow our experts to develop the program that suits your workplace the most to ensure your employees feed educated, empowered and enabled.

Ready to take on the challenge?

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