Supporting you to support your people

Workplaces play a key role in taking a stand against domestic and family violence (DFV), as 60% of women experiencing violence are part of the Australian workforce.

The workplace can be a safe haven, a place for purpose, friendship, support and financial independence.

That’s where you come in.

What we do

WorkHaven was formed by corporate leaders who have lived experience of domestic and family violence (DFV). Our combination of professional knowledge and in-depth understanding of this sensitive and challenging topic enables us to provide employers, industries and communities with the all-important tools, insights and information to help facilitate the right conversations in a manner that reflects their specific needs.

We focus on delivering bespoke services that reflect your specific situation to create a significant and tangible difference to the impact and incidence of domestic violence.

If it doesn’t make a genuine positive change, we don’t do it.


We implement workable programs that are built on research and drawn from knowledge of psychologists, DFV experts, human resources and communications professionals to ensure people are equipped with the knowledge to identify victims of DFV, initiate appropriate conversations and effectively support others who may be experiencing DFV.


We are here to provide the tools to ensure the workplace and community is a safe haven for victims of DFV, fostering a culture that embraces openness and caring.


Our aim is to empower you to facilitate and to enable victims to seek support from their workplace, industry associations and communities as a platform to transition from victim to survivor.

Our commitment to you

We educate organisations about DFV and guide them to deliver meaningful and effective activities. We provide specialist support and coaching to walk with victims as they become survivors.

We take an action-orientated approach and our philosophy is to enable, educate and empower workplaces across Australia through a range of workplace and community initiatives to create a culture of connection harmony, safety and empowerment. Everything we do is measured against the positive outcomes we achieve.

Our objective is simple. To significantly reduce the incidence and impact of domestic and family violence and contribute to a world where everyone experiences safety and harmony at home, communities are connected and workplaces offer support and understanding

Our approach

We take a methodical, safe and practical approach to addressing DFV. Everything we do is tailored to our client’s specific circumstance, as we know there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to DFV.

We work in close consultation with you every step of the way to ensure we are meeting your goals and objectives. And we are action and outcome-orientated.

Our insights

DFV Leadership – Brett Bassett

Brett Bassett MBA, BEd, GAICD, FGIA, CFE has been the QBCC Commissioner since May 2016. Prior to commencing at the QBCC, he was the Queensland Regional Commissioner for the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). He developed and implemented ASIC’s...

DFV Leadership – Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams is the General Manager of People, Culture and Safety at SEQWater. She is a strategic HR leader with a successful track record of introducing effective approaches to domestic and family violence to a range of large organisations. Melissa has a genuine...

DFV leadership – Kersten Gentle

Kersten Gentle is the Executive Officer of the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association (FTMA). She is an industry expert with 30 years experience in the forest and wood products industry. She is also a champion of gender equality and the stand against domestic and...

DFV leadership – Sonia McDonald

Throughout our work, we speak to many leaders and experts who provide terrific insights and knowledge in relation to domestic and family violence (DFV) and the role of the workplace. These insights are really valuable, and we would like to share them, so we have...

Creating a safe haven

For many victims of domestic and family violence (DFV), going to work each day provides relief from their life at home, builds social connections and empowers them with financial independence, all of which builds confidence towards transitioning from victim to survivor.

We are here to equip organisations with the skills, knowledge and resources to do this effectively.

Ready to take on the challenge?

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