About us

Our purpose

WorkHaven is committed to developing a culture of zero tolerance towards domestic and family violence where each member of the community protects and empowers victims of DFV.

We educate organisations about DFV and guide them to deliver meaningful and effective activities in the workplace.

We provide specialist support and coaching to walk with victims as they become survivors.

Our difference

WorkHaven was formed by corporate leaders who have lived experience of DFV, our personal experience is built on a foundation of experience, research and expertise. We take the following approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for the people we work with:

  • We work with both large and small business, and we involve leaders, employees, customers and stakeholders across whole-of-organisations to ensure we reach all workers.
  • We work with local businesses to develop meaningful localised approach to DFV to ensure they are relevant to specific geographic and cultural challenges and resources. This enables us to have a positive impact on all members of the community and focus on areas of particular need.
  • We are action-orientated, focussing on tangible outcomes in the prevention of DFV. We do not execute “tokenistic” initiatives.
  • We offer a range of bespoke services based on organisation, industry or regional requirements. 
  • Our services can be tailored to an organisation’s budget.
  • We take a long-term approach to support people who are impacted by DFV to become survivors and we offer post-crisis solutions.
  • We direct people to relevant DFV support providers to ensure they receive relevant and effective support.
  • Our organisation was founded and is run by people with lived experience of DFV.
  • We believe the key to the prevention of DFV is connection and understanding.

Our values

Lift everyone up

Bringing workplaces together to address difficult conversations affecting our communities.

Lean in

Domestic and family violence is complex. Our approach helps workplaces walk with people in a way that is meaningful to them.

The power of connection

Everyone can play a part. WorkHaven connects communities to address domestic and family violence through education, awareness, and action.

Walk the talk

Tokenism doesn’t turn the dial. Everything we do leads to positive, meaningful change and tangible outcomes.

Our founders

Jo Mason

Jo Mason is a senior marketing professional who has over 10 year’s experience in leadership roles across the private, not for profit and government sectors. She is also an accredited coach and domestic violence survivor.

Since leaving her DFV situation, Jo has undertaken an ambassador role for Brisbane Domestic Violence Service and consulted with community organisations and government to educate others about DFV and provide input to recent reforms. As the result of her passion and experience in this area, Jo has developed the program “Fresh Start for Me” program to support DFV survivors to rebuild their lives and thrive.

Jo is a passionate advocate for the prevention of DFV, who believes that understanding and connection are key to make a difference.

David 'Will' Wilson

With a distinguished 20 year career spanning the UK, Asia and Australia, Will is currently a Senior Partner of Davidson Executive and Boards, and regarded as one of the leading Australian Executive Recruiters and Executive Coaches.

Will held a number of prominent leadership positions including Group CEO of an Asian-based consulting and social technology firm, Partner at Australia’s largest workforce management and advisory organisations, and Managing Director of one of the world’s largest search firms in both S.E Asia and Australia. Will studied at both the University of Chichester and Southampton Universities in business, marketing and teaching related fields. Will is also a certified executive coach.

Delivering services safely

DFV in its nature can be sensitive and approaching such conversations with employees needs to be managed carefully and with specialist skills. This is one of the reasons employers sometimes shy away from the subject, despite being strong advocates for the stand against DFV.

This is where WorkHaven is able to help.

Our partners

Davidson Group – Workplace Performance

Davidson is a leading recruitment and consulting firm comprising of industry specialists. They have over 25 years’ experience in enhancing workplace performance, sourcing the best candidates and delivering solutions to workplace problems. Through their work with high-profile organisations, they recognise the impact domestic violence has on a workplace, and the need for employers to provide support to tackle this complex issue. Davidson has partnered with WorkHaven to provide tools and organisational expertise. Their valuable input means that WorkHaven’s approach is relevant and effective.

Griffith University – Data analytics

Griffith University’s Regional Innovation Data Lab (RIDL) partners with all levels of government, the not-for-profit, private sectors and the community, working together for mutual benefit.

Leveraging all of these relationships, the Regional Innovation Data Lab (RIDL) is able to create a data-rich environment that provides new opportunities to fast-track innovative solutions that address long-standing urban and regional problems by using ‘place’, rather than discipline or agency, as the data linking framework.

This partnership allows for a flow of data that ensures our policies and actions are based on real data and highly relevant to each individual workplace.

Focused Marketing – Communication strategy & implementation

Focused Marketing is a Brisbane-based boutique marketing agency, providing specialist communication strategy and advice as part of WorkHaven’s program.

With clients ranging from small local businesses to high-profile international organisations they recognise the need for all businesses to be equipped with the tools to support employees effected by DFV.

Commsync – Connection & Safety

WorkHaven is proud to partner with Commsync to offer greater connection and safety to our clients.

Commsync was founded out of the belief that the most vulnerable individuals amongst us truly need protection. Co-founders Chris Boyle and Tom O’Neill looked to harness the power of technology in tandem with the strength of human networks to deliver impactful and immediate personal safety outcomes through a combination of wearable and non-wearable technology, providing real-time support at the touch of a button or voice command.

STANDBYU – Connection & Safety

The StandbyU Foundation was established with a clear mission: to embrace the power of human connections to build a better, safer world for everyone. The StandbyU Foundation works with families who have been affected by early and more severe forms of domestic abuse, giving them the support they need to see a brighter future. StandbyU emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, a desire to embrace the power of human connections to build a better, safer world for everyone. Often our most at risk are also the least financially able to seek support.

StandbyU was formed by the founders of Commsync to truly help with the understanding that affordability should never be a limit to getting the support needed to live a safe and violence free life.

Ready to take on the challenge?

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