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We recognise that each organisation is different. WorkHaven’s role is to assess how you are tracking and identify how you are positioned to support your employees and stakeholders and build awareness of workplace violence risks such as Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Harassment.

We offer a range of standalone and combined services to equip you with an effective, meaningful, methodical and safe approach towards Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Harassment.

Understanding your landscape

We believe it is important to understand your organisation’s situation to develop an effective and meaningful approach to workplace violence issues. This may include meeting key leaders to discuss what is currently in place and evaluate their impact. This can include surveys completed by appointed leaders, HR representatives and workers, as well as a review of HR practices, policies, and procedures.

Following our research, we will present our findings and make best practice recommendations on how your organisation might better support its employees and build awareness of DFV or Sexual Harassment (or both), with your unique culture and structure in mind.

This enables us to create a bespoke solution, develop reporting, establish a baseline, create meaningful and workable solutions and track the ongoing progress of our services to ensure a positive result and impact.

Developing your communications strategy

DFV and Sexual Harassment are complex topics that need to be managed with insight and sensitivity. We work closely with you to design and implement a tailored communication strategy built on expertise derived from both lived experience and extensive corporate experience in human resources and communications.

This strategy will introduce the initiative to the organisation and educate and inspire the workforce and other stakeholders to participate, whilst empowering those who may have been impacted to rebuild and move forward.

Champions training

WorkHaven’s Champions Training combines practical and scenario-based exercises with data-driven information to create a relevant and effective response to DFV or Sexual Harassment. It also includes information that is specific to our client’s situation, including their organisational policies, procedures and initiatives, industry activities and local resources.

The workshops include a facilitated session that guides participants to develop workable and tangible initiatives for the organisation to take a stand against DFV or Sexual Harassment and support impacted employees.

Following the workshops, WorkHaven provides a report to demonstrate the results and learning outcomes of the training, and any recommendations or further actions.

Small business services

To support small business to take a stand against DFV or Sexual Harassment and allow them to offer relevant and meaningful provisions to workers, we offer a small business policy service that is specifically designed to educate, ensure adherence to legislation and provide support and protection for small business employees.

We also deliver small business workshops, which enable smaller enterprises to understand DFV or Sexual Harrassment and support staff, customers, stakeholders and the local community. This training also guides small businesses on how to establish an approach to workplace violence risks, including the provision of policy templates and information about practical activities they can introduce to take a stand. These workshops also include information that is specific to participants of the workshops.

Since WorkHaven’s ethos is action-orientated, these workshops include a facilitated session that guides participants to develop workable and tangible initiatives in  work with the local community in DFV prevention, support and awareness activities.

Equipping you with the

tools you need

  • Development of workplace, employment and social policies and practices
  • Educational workshops for leaders and HR teams
  • DFV or Sexual Harassment awareness programs for new and existing employees
  • Internal DFV or Sexual Harassment Champions Network for ongoing initiatives
  • Internal and external communication strategies
  • Access to specialist DFV or Sexual Harassment counsellors for people impacted and those who are supporting them
  • Specialist coaching programs to enable victims of DFV or Sexual Harassment to become survivors
  • Linking your team to relevant specialist 24/7 support services as per their specific needs

Coaching program and services

For those who identify as having been impacted by domestic and family violence, we offer a specific coaching program called “Fresh Start for Me” to enable them to move beyond this challenge.
The coaching aims to support people who are impacted by:

  • Developing independence and restoring confidence
  • Rebuilding the areas of their lives that have been impacted by DFV
  • Moving forward to regain their health and retain their career

WorkHaven offers the Fresh Start for Me program via an online portal or face to face and via video link.

Delivering services safely

Domestic and Family Violence or Sexual Harassment can be sensitive and approaching such conversations with employees needs to be managed carefully and with specialist skills. This is one of the reasons employers sometimes shy away from the subject, despite being strong advocates for the stand against DFV and Sexual Harassment.

This is where WorkHaven is able to help.


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