Our benefits

Freedom from violence benefits everyone

WorkHaven exists to reduce the incidence and impact of domestic and family violence (DFV) through workplace education, coaching and practical systems and support. We provide tools and information delivered by leaders in their field to increase awareness and support DFV victims to become survivors.

For the employee

Earlier intervention: Our services are designed to empower victims of DFV through workplace support. Our aim is to provide the support systems, tools and knowledge to empower them to leave their situation and transition from victim to survivor.

Faster recovery: Earlier intervention, the protection of the victim’s work status and job security will lead to faster recovery times.

Heightened support: Linking victims to 24/7 support and an ongoing specialist program will empower them with the confidence to leave their DFV situation and commence recovery.

For the employer

Increased performance: By supporting victims of DFV to feel secure at work, leave their DFV situation and move forward with their lives, employers are likely to experience increased productivity, staff satisfaction and retention.

Improved employee value proposition and branding opportunities: By implementing a WorkHaven strategy and strengthening existing social well-being policies, organisations are positioned as an employer of choice.

 A more knowledgeable and empathetic workforce: WorkHaven educates leaders and staff about the warning signs of DFV and how to support victims. These skills will lead to a more cohesive and harmonious workplace with an overall increase in morale.

Developed and delivered by specialists: The WorkHaven program is designed and delivered by experts in DFV and leaders in HR management including accredited coaches, HR professionals and people with lived experience of DFV.

For society

Reduces the incidence: By promoting an open workplace where DFV isn’t stigmatised or tolerated, creating awareness and knowledge about this topic and developing organisational support networks, the incidence is likely to reduce and the impact for victims will reduce.

Saves lives: By providing earlier, better and faster support, there will be a reduction in the deaths and injuries caused by DFV.

Economic: Early intervention will reduce the economic burden caused by DFV.

Collective approach: Our approach develops a more equitable model for shared ownership of the DFV problem and reduces the reliance on the community organisations or government funding.

Awareness through education: By utilising employers as a channel to educate the masses, WorkHaven provides a very efficient approach to destigmatising DFV across a large and diverse social-demographic landscape.

Ready to take on the challenge?

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