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Freedom from violence benefits everyone

WorkHaven exists to reduce the incidence and impact of DFV and Sexual Harassment through workplace education, coaching, practical resources and communication. We provide tools and information delivered by leaders in their field to increase awareness and support victims to become survivors. We also facilitate conversations within companies and the community to create relevant and meaningful responses across regions, industries and organisations.

For the employee

Earlier intervention:  Our services are designed to empower victims of DFV or Sexual Harassment through workplace and community support. Our aim is to provide relevant systems, tools and knowledge, to empower them to seek support and successfully transition from victim to survivor. 

Faster recovery: Earlier intervention, the protection of the victim’s work status, connection to relevant services and initiatives will lead to faster recovery times.

Safer workplace Environment: Sexual harassment training and awareness helps create a safer workplace by empowering employees to recognize and prevent incidents. Trained employees are more likely to report harassment, knowing they have support from the organisation. This provides reassurance for employees and peace of mind for employers.

Heightened support:  Linking victims to 24/7 support and an ongoing specialist coaching programs will empower them with the confidence to speak up about Sexual Harassment or seek support if they are impacted by DFV, commence recovery and move forward with their life. 

For the employer

Increased performance:   When employees feel safe and respected in the workplace, it boosts their morale and productivity. DFV and Sexual Harassment training, support and awareness fosters a positive work environment where employees can thrive.

Improved employee value proposition and branding opportunities: By implementing a WorkHaven strategy and strengthening existing social well-being policies, organisations are positioned as an employer of choice.

A more knowledgeable and empathetic workforce:  WorkHaven educates leaders and staff about the warning signs of DFV or Sexual Harassment and how to support victims. These skills will lead to a more connected and harmonious workplace with an overall increase in morale.

Developed and delivered by specialists: The WorkHaven program is designed and delivered by experts in DFV and leaders in HR management including accredited coaches, HR professionals and people with lived experience of DFV.

Ensuring you are upholding your legal obligations: If a claim is made against the organisation, having evidence of sexual harassment training can serve as a strong defence in legal proceedings, showing that the organization took proactive measures to prevent harassment. 

For the community

Reduces the incidence:   DFV and Sexual Harassment training and awareness create a workplace where these issues are not stigmatised, raising awareness, providing knowledge, and developing support networks, leading to a decline in incidents and mitigating their impact on victims.

Saves lives:   By providing earlier, better and faster support, there will be a reduction in the impacts and injuries caused by DFV and Sexual Harassment.

Economic:   Early intervention will reduce the economic costs of DFV and Sexual Harassment  to the community.

Collective approach:   Our approach develops a more equitable model for shared ownership of the DFV and Sexual Harassment challenges and enables everyone to play their part.

Awareness through education:   WorkHaven’s approach to raising awareness and de-stigmatising DFV and Sexual Harassment is through education, utilizing employers, associations, and the community as channels. This efficient approach helps address DFV and Sexual Harassment across diverse social-demographic landscapes. 

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and recognise their continued custodianship and connection to the land, waters and community.

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