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We recognise that each workplace is different. WorkHaven’s role is to assess each workplace and identify how the business is positioned in terms of supporting its employees and building awareness of DFV. We do this to implement appropriate policies and procedures to facilitate a methodical, safe and unique approach to collectively working towards zero tolerance to DFV.

Understanding your landscape

We commence with meeting key leaders to discuss DFV, its impact on workplace performance and key organisational considerations in approaching this issue. This is followed by a brief survey completed by appointed leaders from HR and the executive team. Depending on the engagement, we might also complete an audit of HR practices, policies and procedures.

Following this exercise, we will present our findings and make recommendations on how the organisation might better support its employees and build awareness of DFV, with the workplace’s unique culture and structure in mind. This enables us to create a bespoke solution, develop reporting, establish a baseline and track the ongoing progress of our services to ensure a positive result.

Developing your communications strategy

DFV is a complex topic that needs to be managed with insight and sensitivity. We work closely with our clients to support them to design and implement a tailored communication strategy built on expertise derived from both lived experience of DFV and extensive corporate experience in human resources and communications.

This strategy will introduce the initiative to the workplace and educate and inspire the workforce to participate, whilst empowering those who may have been impacted to rebuild and move forward.

Survey, analytics &

a tailored DFV plan

The initial employee engagement will also introduce an employee survey (which is optional and completely anonymous). This survey will help us understand employee sentiment towards DFV and the overarching maturity level of the workplace’s awareness and competency in supporting victims of DFV.

The findings will not only inform and direct a measurable and tailored DFV plan for the employer, but collectively provide new and meaningful analytics on how communities might target their awareness and preventative programs.

Measuring impact

Our organisational psychologists have designed our diagnostic tools to ensure we can measure change and track the level of maturity of an organisation as it journeys towards being an active and supportive zero tolerance DFV employer.

Our team will monitor progress and present their findings over agreed timeframes to ensure all activities are effective and aligned with organisational objectives.

Equipping you with the tools you need

  • Development of workplace, employment and social policies and practices
  • Educational workshops for leaders and HR teams
  • DVF awareness programs for new and existing employees
  • Internal DVF Champions Network for ongoing initiatives
  • Internal and external communication strategies
  • Specialist coaching programs to enable victims of DFV to become survivors

Linking your team to 24/7 support services

Domestic violence impacts people at all times of the day and night. We provide links to around-the-clock DFV support and mobilisation services to ensure support is available when it is needed.

Delivering services safely

DFV in its nature can be sensitive and approaching such conversations with employees needs to be managed carefully and with specialist skills. This is one of the reasons employers sometimes shy away from the subject, despite being strong advocates for the fight against DFV.

This is where WorkHaven is able to help.


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