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WorkHaven is proud to work with a wide range of incredible clients from the private, community and government sectors. Each one of them recognises the important role workplaces play in addressing domestic and family violence and they are all committed to reducing the incidence and impact of DFV, whilst making a genuine difference to their employees, customers and the broader community.

All of our clients have different situations, and we work with each one individually to ensure our outputs match their desired outcomes. Our services are designed and delivered according to their specific needs. We take time to understand these needs to ensure we achieve the best possible results to provide support, generate awareness and deliver education in relation to domestic and family violence.

Our clients include

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Everyone has a role in the stand against domestic and family violence (DFV), and it is encouraging to see more and more organisations stepping forward to reduce the impact and incidence of DFV.┬áIn addressing this important, sensitive and complex topic, our clients are sending a clear message to their employees that they care and will walk with them through life’s challenges.

If you are committed to making a positive difference by addressing domestic and family violence in your workplace, we would love to talk with you.

WorkHaven and you

WorkHaven understands that each organisation is unique. We will work with you to ensure we create a holistic support system which facilitates the evolution of an authentic culture of openness and caring, that empowers your employees to support victims, takes meaningful action in the stand against DFV and enables victims to make a successful transition to survivor.

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